About us


Contract & More is a Dynamic company set up from the meeting knowledge of different companies.

Born in April 2014 to become out and out a real “studio” since January 2015.

At this point Contract & More wants to celebrate the famous 50’s of International Designer and the greatest and nameless creative talent given life to timeless Style called “Stilnovo”.

Our mission is to be a successful with various styles that travel through again the Story and the life of the Interior Design, the way of living creating a stable modernity.

The new brand Contract & More offer a Made in Italy vocated and inspired to the re-release of furniture, lamps and accessories that made the history of the timeless design, products not innovative but simultaneously they are preserving the elegance and the fully functionality.

All partners of this brand have an experience of about 35 years with a lot of success in the field of home furnishing , some come from glass manufacturing production other from metal, marble, textile upper leather and wood.

The idea of Contract & More was born from willpower to join all this skills of various fields using different co-operators, through a really flexible sales department will open on the domestic and international market.

Every brand that Contract & More want to be on the market is the demonstration of accurate stylistic choices that give character and identity to the design; the aim that combine is only one: the re-edition from 1900 to 1965 including Art Decò, Art Nouveau, Bauhaus, Mid Century Modern up to the famous years of Stilnovo, Years of the economic upturn, like the recent events.

Our experience is the result of the Made in Italy, our re-editions are exact copies found in museum, antique markets, other manufactured from the creative artists called “Famous Designers” unfortunately remain nameless despite his high talent.

Quality of our products is guaranteed from manufacturers, assembly strictly made in Italy, raw material coming from Europe and near to our workshop and manufactured according to the CEE current rules in force.

All in all Contract & More in addition to his own very important manufacture offers famous brands.

During the EXPO 2015 Contract & More will reproduce an object series like: furniture lamps and other accessories symbol of the life Design of Italian and International Mid Century, some of these already available all over the world, at collecting modern art shops, vintage shops, collectors or in famous architects homes and in anonymous and sunny generation too, that buying these objects have an important part in the completion of the economic upturn on the after war period.

We want to remind and highlight that all accessories are of public domain and nobody can claim the exclusive rights.